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2005-01-11 - 9:24 a.m.


I've been trying to find the words to express my regret and chagrin at not posting here sooner to thank Andrea for the lovely scarf and Catie for the Meyer lemon and treats, but I can't come up with anything more accurate than I am the suckiest suck that ever sucked, I suck so much. I got the scarf package just before we left town for two weeks, and I didn't do any interwebbing while we were gone, but we've been back for 10 days or so, and since then I've been forgetting, Every Day, to update and say thank you. This is not acceptable, and I swear to you now, kittens, that if we do another exchange sometime, I'm going to be much quicker on the draw.

Andrea, your scarf is warm and cozy--thank you Very Much. Catie, I had no time to do anything interesting with the lemon, so I cut it in half and Francisco and I each squeezed our halves into glasses of water and drank them, because Boy brought a cold home and we were starting to get it. The next day I felt much better, and I Totally credit the lemon. I got a much more heinous cold a week later, but there's nothing the lemon could've done about that. I'm on a no-dessert kick so I didn't eat the goodies, but Francisco and Boy loved them very much (I had to settle for undressing the goodies with my eyes). Thank you, Catie, for the lemon and treats, and for doing all the work for the exchange and with the kittensknit page.

To recap: I suck; you kids are great; and big thank-you's to one and all.

Peace Out,

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